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I’m not a veterinarian nor any kind of health professional at the moment.. this information is for my own edification for future reference. Hopfully, it helps someone find these resources more quickly.

I first heard about Xylitol while living in Finland some years ago.. My family tree contains several Natural Health degrees and I grew up being tested heath food.. soy milk then, non-soy milk, no-meat tofu, carrot juice, wheat grass, turkey bacon, brewers yeas, you name it.

Anyhow, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of Xylitol before (we used mostly honey or our own maple syrup). I was pleasantly surprised to find a “new” sweetener made from a natural substance.

It’s only new to me apparently Xylitol was found in 1891 by a German scientist and then rediscovered during World War II by the Finns when looking for a sugar substitute.

Regardless I’m a fan of the heal benefits.. but a little while ago we had a scare when we found that Old Baily had snacked on my babies Xylitol infested waffle. It had been an hour when I found out and I ran out to see Old (maybe 5yrs) Baily laying flat on his side.. I went up to him and called his name. He groggily opened his eyes and then followed me off the porch, not all that pleased to be rousted from his nap.  We’re happy to still have him, but below is some up my crash course research that made me not rush to the vet.

In short as far as I can read: onset of symptoms almost certainly would have happened in about 20-30 minutes and there should be unnatural behavior, dizziness, vomiting and the amount I we later established was quite small. My wife only put about 2 Tablespoons of Xylitol into the whole batch of waffles -perhaps 20 waffles.  Currently, Baily is back at his post not scaring the moles out of the garden or frightening trespassers, but doing a lovely job of holding down a nice warm piece of sod in the sun.

Killer Xylitol – Quick Reference

This website suggests one piece of gum or a cup cake can kill a dog.

This one suggests 8-10 pieces of gum might kill a 65lb dog. Things will become bad in 15-30mins apparently.

This  website suggests that 100mg of Xylitol per Kg of body-weight has been dangerous in dogs (apparently cats don’t suffer from it, our chickens haven’t suffered any affects that we can see from eating muffins and waffle scraps from our table)

This website says 1 teaspoon of sugar is 4.2g <- I supposed it would be very similar to Xylitol in volume.

So had old Baily eaten all the Waffles in the house he would likely have gotten close to digging his own little Canine grave. But for now all are safe an happy.

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Murray support did answer my inquiry and sent me links to the manuals in the email I’ve posted below:

Thank you for your inquiry.

Click below for engine parts manual;

Click below for engine operators manual;

Attached is the parts list covering model 22545X92C

If you have any further questions, feel free to update this e-mail, or call our Murray Answer Center at 800-528-5087, M-F 8-5PM CST.


R. Young
Briggs & Stratton/Murray
Answer Center

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Pavilion n5415 to get CF card boot disk upgrade

How I resurrected a old HP laptop for a new life as my wife’s online shopping machine. Overall, it was pretty easy and issue free.

HP Pavilion n5415 Laptop

This was a faithful laptop for at least 6 years before it started overheating every time I played video on it for more than 20 mins. This is frustrating if you try to watch a feature film..  The problem is fairly well known for this epoc of Pavilion’s -apparently due to the heat-sink compound drying out. I never felt like pulling out the heat-sink to refresh the compound it looked like a dicey proposition and slowly my faithful laptop fell into disuse.

Replacing the Hard-drive with a CF card

A few months ago I got the brilliant idea to replace the old 20gb? hard drive with a CF card. I purchased RiData 4GB CF x233 and the adapter below, but never got it to work. I figured for some reason it was the RiData card and bios weren’t jiving. Others had successfully used the RiData card.

Months later I decided to try once more with the Transcend 16Gb below. For one thing I’ve since read that x233 cards will likely not be much faster than the hard drive. Unfortunately, still had no joy. The bios refused to see the card at all. Frustrated, I pulled the CF card out one last time- and one of the adapter pins came with it. One of the pins on the CF was not soldered. Ten minutes later I was installing the OS. The n5415 Phoenix bios calls the CF card a DVD-ROM which is a little ominous.

This is the card and CF adapter I used:
Transend 16gb 400x
Syba SY-IDE2CF-NB25 Ultra IDE to Compact Flash Adapter

Installing Xubuntu 10.10

I chose Xubuntu over a standard Ubuntu install just to keep the size down. So far drivers haven’t been much of an issue. At first it only came up in 800×600 but I ran a command I found somewhere.. yes I’ll try to track it down and insert it here. And after that we’re running at 1024×768 -which is acceptable for this use.

After install of Xubuntu 10.10 boot up time is about 30 sec from power up. Not to bad for a 900mhz machine that’s pushing a decade. Wired internet came up automatically through my router.

Seems like it lost the password I set up during the install and I had to run a recovery to get it set. Don’t know if there’s an issue with saving to the disk or if its a Xubuntu issue, seems like some others have some issues with that.

I used a set of SSD tweaks to try to extend the life of the CF card. Now it seems to be running a bit slower.

Hmm.. tried to upgrade to the new version via the network and had it crash twice while I was out. I’ll have to do more testing, it may be that there is still a heat issue under longish load.

Now, I’m just waiting on a wifi adapter to see if we have completely gotten rid of the overheating problem. To be continued..

UPDATE – 5/11/2012
Wifi adapter got here Sapido Mini WiFi N “Nano Adapter”, no plug’n play under 10.10 anyway. I’m going to have to try installing the included linux drivers. I’ll see how that goes. Unfortunately, it looks like this didn’t fix the overheating problem. Under use it still overheats after perhaps an hour. Looks like I’m going to have to pull the heat-sink after all.

Some more resources

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This is a new version of mine

This is a newer version of mine, looks like the same engine

If you’re looking for the manuals check links at the bottom.

I recently spent a couple hours trying to find a manual for my old Murray push mower. Murray’s apparently been bought by Briggs and Stratton at some point. The engine on it is a 5hp “Quantum” B&S. The model number on the mower is: 22545x92c

But searching on that model doesn’t bring up much. Even searching Murray’s site for it doesn’t give net a manual. I’ve contacted support asking about it, but from my searching I’m not that hopeful I’ll get a response. We’ll see..

There doesn’t seem to be any specs on my mower and frankly it looks to be from 95 or 96. If you’re trying to service a Murray mower I’d start with the engine. The engine model number on this one is on the front of the engine above the spark plug. If you can’t find it, try this video by Briggs:


Murray Model push mower model 22545x92c
Briggs and Stratton model 124702-3106-01
5hp Quantum Power

Parts for this engine:

Diagram for this engine:

I don’t work for any of these places nor get anything from them. I just put this list together for my own repair project.

Got mower and engine manual from Murray support. See the links here: http://www.dustii.com/?p=28

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